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Administration, Managment, Supervision
Title General Administration and PR
Categories Administration, Managment, Supervision
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Maintenance and content development of the website and facebook page

Produce regular newsletters to be shared with supporters

Create links and maintain relations with potential supporters in Congo and abroad

Encourage and maintain relations with local institutions (local authorities, health centers, development projectsand NGO’s, religious authorities and communities.

Formulate partnerships with relevant organizations for training, capacity building, cultural and artistic education

Produce monthly operational and financial reports

Ensure compliance with UK and Congolese charity/non-profit organizations requirements and procedures

Produce Foundation’s Board minutes


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Title Management and supervision of the health centre at the farm
Categories Administration, Managment, Supervision
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Monitoring of the doctor and collaboration with the hospital in town

Reports about the overall health of the farm workers

Procurement of the stock and medicines

Water and hygiene supervision on the GoCongo farm

Public Health programmes to raise awareness in farm, school and village

Maintain relations and collaborate with the village nurses


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Title Kindergarten and Primary School (Nakhjavani Community School)
Categories Administration, Managment, Supervision
Location Lubumbashi
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Supervision and management of the School Director

Monitoring of school operations

Overseeing expansion of facilities, staff and pupils

Recruitment of teachers

Curriculum development

Supervision of training programme in partnership with local teacher training organization

Management of relations with the local community and villages (parents meetings, school events, village/home visits to parents and local authorities)

Organization and supervision of extracurricular activities

Provide ongoing support with training, planning, research of educational materials and programme implementation procedures

Organize and oversee regular and varied classrooms, teachers and pupils evaluations

Supervise relationship with regional educational authorities and compliance to education ministry’s and institutions regulations (taxes, pupils registries, report cards, …)

Ensure the expansion and planning of the this program

Assess building needs based on project development plans

Budget and plan for construction, refurbishment and maintenance work in collaboration with the Foundation Board of Trustees Oversee building construction and maintenance work. Manage grounds landscaping, gardening and overall maintenance work.

Youth Literacy and Moral Empowerment Program-me: Management and planning of the program

Recruiting students

Development of the curriculum

Recruitment and supervision of teacher

Evaluation of programme operations

Training and professional development for teachers

Overseeing organization and supervision of student evaluations, extracurricular activities and service projects

Run regular teachers evaluations meetings

Management of relations with the local community and villages (parents meetings, school events, village/home visits to parents and local authorities)

Ensure the planning and expansion of the program and all activities relating to it

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Title Gocongo Foundation Coordinator
Categories Administration, Managment, Supervision
Location Lubumbashi
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The Gocongo-Foundation was founded in 2009 as a CSR branch of Gocongo Enterprises. It is dedicated to increasing the social, spiritual and material capacity of individuals and institutions to advance the well-being of their own families and communities, especially women and children, in the rural areas of the DRC. The foundation is inspired by the principles of the Baha’i Faith, which emphasise the importance of education as the key to material and spiritual progress, and as the means to unfold the potential that each human being is endowed with.


 What we offer 

A unique and exciting professional experience in a flexible working environment

The opportunity to shape the development of a fast growing organization thriving for sustainable growth

Grassroots development through capacity building and a focus on learning

A comprehensive package including travel allowance, housing and local transport

Duties and Responsibilities of the Foundation Coordinator 

Management and supervision of the two main projects of the Foundation:

-A kindergarten and primary school (Nakhjavani Community School)

-A youth literacy and moral empowerment programme

Management and monitoring of the health centre at the farm

General Administration and PR

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