Cultivating prosperity in the DRC since 2008

Our Purpose

At GoCongo, we strongly believe in the DRC’s potential to become a self-sufficient food producer for its people and beyond. We are accelerating this journey towards prosperity, envisioning a future where access to locally produced food becomes the cornerstone of sustenance and widespread wellbeing.

While reshaping the narrative of food security in the DRC, our commitment goes beyond farming – our multifaceted approach not only replaces imports with homegrown grains and meat, but also enriches daily life with affordable, nutritious food products. We are not just farmers: we are a catalyst for socio-economic growth, sowing the seeds of lasting change in communities at the grassroots.

What we do

From Humble Beginnings to Agricultural & FMCG Leaders

Starting as a commercial farm in 2008, GoCongo has evolved into a thriving enterprise cultivating extensive farmland, rearing huge cattle herds, and distributing well-loved consumer products. From maize fields and ranches to flour, biscuits and meat, we’ve embraced modern agricultural and processing practices to achieve remarkable yields and production.

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The Pillars of Our Success

Our commitment to food security is thriving on primary production of maize, wheat, and meat; and processing, production, and distribution of flour, biscuits, and meat. We’ve vertically integrated our activities to maximise efficiency and sustainability, driven by our dedication to quality and innovation.

Our Brands

Delve into GoCongo’s diverse portfolio of brands, each meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of our consumers. From premium and everyday maize flour brands like Twiga and Kila Siku to the heartiness of Extra Bisco, Baby, and Vap biscuits and the tenderness of Frigocongo and Grelka meat, our brands define everyday consumption in Katanga.

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Beyond Business: GoCongo Foundation

Our Foundation empowers local communities to take ownership of their own development. Currently operating 19 schools providing primary education to thousands of students, we will soon be setting up water sources and establishing vocational training centres for hundreds of villages, to enable thousands of local people to progress beyond subsistence.

Join us on the journey of cultivating prosperity in the DRC