Professional Services

Fostering Synergy: Collaborate with GoCongo to cultivate prosperity together

Our farming services

We believe in the power of collaboration to cultivate prosperity. We support like-minded agricultural and mining operators through management and machine rental services.

Our Expertise

Land Development

Clear bush and transform wild forests into arable agricultural fields.

Soil Preparation

Ploughing, harrowing, and other tillage operations necessary for optimal agricultural practices.


We can plant maize, wheat, soy, and other crops on behalf of others.


We work with state-of-the-art self-propelled sprayers, to ensure your crops are free of diseases, weeds, and pests.


Thanks to our modern GPS-guided harvesters, we optimise the speed and costs of your harvest.

Grain Storage

After harvest, we can offer storage and fumigation services.

Maize and Wheat Milling

If you want to process your maize or wheat into a finished flour product, we can grind it for you.

Input Supply

We can procure your fertilisers, chemicals, and seeds for you, so you benefit from better prices and service.

Join hands with GoCongo to grow together towards a shared vision of sustainable agricultural development.

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