Our Story

Welcome to GoCongo, a journey that began 15 years ago with a vision to transform the agricultural landscape of the DRC.

Our Roots in the Copper Belt

In the heart of the African Copper Belt, a region marked by substantial mining investments, an incongruity prevails: despite vast agricultural potential, there remains heavy dependence on food imports. GoCongo was founded with the goal of steering the course towards domestic food self-sufficiency.

Cultivating the Land

In 2008, we set out to establish a commercial farm, acquiring extensive land not far from the city of Lubumbashi. Through a scientific approach, we created vast fields that now produce high-quality crops.

Building a Local Legacy

From its humble inception in 2008, GoCongo has evolved into a flourishing enterprise, nurturing vast tracts of farmland, rearing extensive herds of cattle, and distributing beloved food products far and wide. Whether in the expansive maize fields, sprawling ranches, or the heart of our processing facilities crafting flour, biscuits, and meat, our journey is marked by a commitment to modern agricultural and processing practices, yielding remarkable harvests and production.

Vertically Integrated Businesses

Having started our journey with primary agricultural production, we are now also proud local FMCG leaders. Our synergistic activities include dry and fresh food production and distribution in grains, biscuits, and meat.

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The Pillars of Our Success

Maize & Wheat

Our grain production is a testament to our commitment to local self-sufficiency. From preparing the fields to milling maize and wheat into flour, our operations cover the entire value chain. Since 2023, the installation of a large centre-pivot irrigation system has made us one of the DRC’s first wheat producers. Our brands, Twiga and Kila Siku, have become synonymous with quality and affordability.


Diversifying our portfolio, we ventured into biscuits - a nutritious local staple food. With a state-of-the-art production facility and brands like ‘Extra Bisco’, ‘Baby’, and ‘Vap’, we’ve become a leading producer of biscuits in the DRC, boosted by the use of our own flour in biscuit production.


Proud owner of the DRC’s largest cattle ranching companies, Grelka and PHL, with tens of thousands of cattle on over 730,000 hectares of land, we’re transforming the meat industry, ensuring quality and sustainability by feeding cattle with the byproducts from our farming and milling activities. Under our Frigocongo and Grelka brands, we also sell hygienically vacuum-packed meat cuts to butcheries, restaurants, and supermarkets.

Beyond Business: GoCongo Foundation

Our Foundation empowers local communities to take ownership of their own development. Currently operating 19 schools providing primary education to thousands of students, we will soon be setting up water sources and establishing vocational training centres for hundreds of villages, to enable thousands of local people to progress beyond subsistence.

Forestry & Climate

As we rapidly modernise our cattle operations into a feedlot-based system, our vast grazing land is becoming available for other purposes. We are in the process of dedicating portions of our 700,000+ hectares towards agricultural, edible oil, and timber production (particularly bamboo).

On the remainder, we will create natural forests to absorb millions of tons of atmospheric carbon, create a biodiverse habitat, and empower local people with forest-based industry.

A Vision for the Future

As we reflect on our achievements, we recognise the potential for a more significant impact. Looking ahead, our ambitious vision involves transforming our vast land bank into a multifaceted resource.

By integrating row crop agriculture, edible oil production, cattle grazing, timber cultivation, and extensive rewilding initiatives, accompanied by an impactful process of community development and education, we believe GoCongo can be a driving force in Africa’s upcoming agricultural revolution, and a catalyst for the socio-economic development of the DRC.

Join us on the journey of cultivating prosperity in the DRC