Food Processing & FMCG

Bringing agricultural produce to life with widely loved maize meal, biscuit, and meat products

Maize Meal

Maize is the cornerstone of southern African diets. GoCongo is proud to be nourishing Katanga as a leading producer of quality maize flour, enriching the staple diet of households.

Harvested from our farm, stored in silos, and meticulously processed in our advanced maize mill, we ensure precision grinding and packaging to preserve its nutritional essence.

Our high-capacity mill transforms our harvest into premium and everyday products. Our two flour brands, Twiga and Kila Siku, have become well-respected local symbols of quality and affordability.



Biscuits add moments of delight to daily routines – a nutritious companion to a comforting cup of tea, marking the perfect start to each day. We are proud to be the DRC’s premier biscuit producer, adding a touch of joy to households across Katanga.

Our biscuits, crafted from a blend of wheat and maize, benefit from the abundance of our farm and flour mill. Our two factories boast 11 production lines dedicated to moulding, baking, and packaging these delectable treats.

Extra Bisco

From the heartiness of ‘Extra Bisco’ or the playful flavours of ‘Baby’ to the timeless ‘Vap’ legacy, our diverse range of biscuit brands caters to the varied tastes of the Congolese palate.



The rich, authentic flavours of our locally produced beef are a popular source of protein, and a core element in our pursuit of replacing imports with superior domestic food.

Our cattle, raised with care on our ranches and feedlot, undergo humane slaughter at our facility. The result is exquisite cuts, hygienically vacuum-packed in convenient 10kg boxes, ready to grace the shelves of butchers, restaurants, and supermarkets.

Our two renowned meat brands, Frigocongo and Grelka, offer a choice between locally reared excellence and the unique, tender taste of free-ranging grass-fed cattle.