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Our iconic range of quality flour, biscuit, and meat brands are crafted with a commitment to the unique needs of our consumers



Twiga - ‘Giraffe’ in Swahili - is a perfectly granulated, premium Maize Meal product. Known by its high-end packaging and for its distinguished pure and white quality, Twiga’s balanced granulation makes for a large ball of bukari, which can be made by using relatively little flour. Twiga is available in both 25kg and ‘Meka’-sized (bucket-sized) packets.

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Kila Siku

Kila Siku, meaning ‘Every Day’ in Swahili, embodies our commitment to being a part of daily life. This brand represents the consistency and trustworthiness that GoCongo brings to maize flour: a quality product at value price, that can be consumed every day. Kila Siku is available in both 25kg and ‘Meka’-sized (bucket-sized) packets.


Extra Bisco

Extra Bisco

Extra Bisco is a proud local biscuit brand, established in the early 1990s. A household name, Extra Bisco is an everyday staple, satisfying hunger during and between meals. This brand is loved for its trademark taste: a wholesome biscuit with a hint of citrus zest.


Baby Food and Baby Cheko are tasty biscuits in fun flavours, promoting children’s healthy growth with their high milk content. A household name since the early 1990s, Baby biscuit products are a favourite of every child growing up in Katanga. Baby is available in vanilla, banana, chocolate, and strawberry flavours.


A cherished biscuit brand steeped in nostalgia, with a rich heritage dating back to 1956, Vap has been a constant companion to generations of Congolese people throughout their lives. This 'petit pain', reminiscent of childhood games, school days, university gatherings, and heartwarming family moments, holds a special place in the hearts of all who have grown up with it.



Frigocongo is a genuinely fresh, high-quality local meat brand. With meat cuts hygienically vacuum-packed in convenient 10kg boxes, Frigocongo is known as a tasty beef, found in butcheries, restaurants, and supermarkets around the Katanga region.


Grelka is the most natural and healthy meat that can be found. Grelka cattle are reared on the Katanga highlands where the grass is lush and green and the air is pure, and are fed exclusively on these pastures - resulting in this delicious, healthy meat that is known and loved. A byproduct of the Grelka brand is the promotion of Katanga cattle farms, adding socio-economic value for the region.

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