About GoCongo Foundation

The GoCongo Foundation empowers communities to own their development, by supporting education, health, and more.


The rural interior of the DRC is home to countless vibrant village communities. But they lack the skills and means to advance their wellbeing and prosperity.

We do this through organic, sustainable grassroots human resource development, and by providing schooling, vocational education, healthcare, and more to serve the needs of local communities, in partnership with them.

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GoCongo Foundation currently operates 1 advanced school, 18 community schools, 15 healthcare centres, and a range of other initiatives. We seek to continuously improve the quality of all existing facilities, and to create more facilities where there is a need.

Feature One

We see people in rural communities not as ‘targets for developments’, but as promoters of their own wellbeing.

Feature Two

We believe consultation is essential, and seek communities’ inputs into all our projects.

Feature Three

We believe every person is ‘a mine rich in gems of inestimable value’, and 'education can alone cause it to reveal its treasures'.

Feature Four

We are an organisation committed to accountability, transparency, and social responsibility.