Farming Services

Our farming services

Gocongo accompanies several other farming and mining operators in providing management and machine rental services for their farming operations.

We provide following services:

Land Development

Clearing the bush and turning wild forrest into arable/farmable fields.

Field Preparation

Discing, Ripping, Harrowing and other tillage operations required for perfect agricultural practices.


We can plant maize, soya and beans for you.

Crop Spraying

We work with state of the art self-propelled sprayrigs to make sure your crops stay free from diseases, weeds and fungus.


Using our modern GPS-guided harvesters we will maximize speed and costs of your harvest.

Maize Storage

After harvest we can offer storage and fumigation services.

Maize Milling

If you prefer to turn your maize into a finished product, we will mill it for you.

Input Procurement

Benefit from better prices and better service. We buy your fertilizer, chemicals and seeds for you. 

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Write us to to get a proposal on how we can support you with your farming project.

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