Community Schools

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As GoCongo Enterprises has expanded through mergers and acquisitions, the company has recently inherited responsibility for 18 additional kindergarten and primary schools situated across its farms and ranches.

Community Schools
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GoCongo’s current goal for these schools is to raise them up to a consistent standard of educational quality, in which all students gain key knowledge and skills that can equip them to contribute to life in their community and beyond. In order to achieve this, a baseline study of the current state of the schools is underway, with the goal of measuring the following parameters:

Children’s learning outcomes
Children’s enrollment and attendance
Children’s health and nutrition
Parents’ attitude towards their children’s education
Teachers’ capacity and effort

our community schools

Schools near Biano

On ranch sections at Biano, Biano II, Shinshinkua, Ketentania, and Kinko, just north of the village of Kansenia and about 70km north of the city of Fungurume, there are approximately 300 students in 5 schools.

Some of these are full primary schools catering to Grades 1-6, and some are single-classroom feeder schools catering to Grades 1-2, as feeder schools to the main schools situated nearer some of the more remote communities.

Schools Near Kamina

On ranch sections north of Kamina at Kiabukwa, Kelambwe, Kitumba, Makanza, Kindele, Mundoie, Tshongwe, Mushindji, Mudidie, Lupete, Muntobwe, Luania, Lutwai, Katongola, and Mukishi, there are approximately 3,850 students in 15 schools.

Most of these schools are full primary schools catering to Grades 1-6, and a few also have some secondary school sections. Some of the schools are operated in partnership with the government, which employs some teachers.