About our healthcare centres

As GoCongo Enterprises has expanded through mergers and acquisitions, the company has recently inherited responsibility for 15 healthcare centres situated across its farms and ranches.

Many healthcare centres are on the same sites as the community schools, and cater to the healthcare needs of school children, as well as those of the local communities. The healthcare centres offer primary healthcare, including first aid, treatment for curable infections and diseases, triaging and referral to major hospitals as needed, vaccinations, and even obstetrics and safe childbirth.

GoCongo Foundation is currently working to review and improve the quality of these healthcare centres, so that they can support the healthcare of communities in accordance with best practices around healthcare delivery and safety.


Healthcare centres near Biano

On ranch sections near Biano, about 70km north of the city of Fungurume, there is one healthcare centre fully equipped with facilities for obstetrics, vaccinations, and triaging patients for attention at the hospital in the nearby village of Kansenia, as well as two pharmacies for distribution of essential medicines and first aid and referrals to the main healthcare centre, closer to the locations of ranch workers’ homes.

Healthcare centres near Kamina

On 15 ranch sections north of Kamina, there are a number of healthcare facilities. At each ranch section there is a pharmacy, at which patients can get medicines and first aid. At three key locations, there is also a medium-sized healthcare centre with facilities of obstetrics, vaccinations, and other essential care.

At Kiabukwa, there is a major healthcare centre, almost like a small hospital, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to treat a range of medical conditions, and surgical facilities with surgeons trained in Lubumbashi city. Transport is available to bring patients from all the other healthcare centres to this one whenever needed.